Hedonista Pure Botanical

Hedonista Pure Botanical Fragrances Are Proudly
Made In New Zealand
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Hedonista Perfumer - Sandra Anderson 


Here at Hedonista HQ our fragrances are all-natural!

 We specialise in creating synthetic-free, pure botanical fragrance.

We do not (and never will) test any of our products or ingredients on animals.

 Our scents contain some of the most luxurious

 natural ingredients available  - including real Sandalwood  rather than synthetic

'Santol' (which is often used as a substitute), Neroli, Jasmine and Rose. 


Historically, all perfumes were created from flowers, plant extracts

 and resins, and they were a luxury item  because of the significant cost

of the natural ingredients used. Gradually synthetics were introduced 

largely to reduce the cost, but at the expense of the fragrance!


The Hedonista collection heralds a return to traditional artisan perfumery

and the decadent pleasure of anointing with precious pure botanicals 

Enjoy! "


Scott and 'Fluff' from the Hedonista Team - New Zealand