CACAO Parfum Extrait

CACAO Parfum Extrait
Cacao - Key Notes Vanilla & Cacao 
Blended with tropical flowers & fresh citrus notes. 
Warm, sultry, rich, absolutely luxurious - Very Hedonistic! 
Cacao parfum extrait is hand blended using the traditional methods
of Artisan Perfumers- using only pure botanical extracts.
We use extravagant amounts of Vanilla and Cacao C02
(extracted from Vanilla and Cacao beans) 
If you are choosing a gift from our range then we 
recommend our very smooth, hedonistic CACAO.


CACAO Ingredients
Caprylic/capric triglyceride, (fractionated coconut oil) #Parfum, #benzyl alcohol,
#benzyl salicylate, #benzyl benzoate, #eugenol, #farnesol, #geraniol,
#geranial, #isoeugenol, #linalool, #cinnamal, #D-limonene, #citral,
# All naturally occurring within the pure plant extracts used.
We use only pure, synthetic-free botanical extracts 
Because nature is the best perfumer.
Proudly Made in New Zealand!
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  • CACAO Parfum Extrait 15ml
            Cacao - Key Notes Vanilla & Cacao, rich, warm and very sultry!    blended with tropical flowers &   fresh citrus notes. Apply directly to your pulse points.    15ml size is beautifully gift boxed and the bottle has a roll-on applicator.   CLEARANCE SALE   AT LEAST 50% OFF   ..
    $55.00 $145.00
  • CACAO Parfum Extrait 5ml
    Cacao - Key Notes Vanilla & Cacao - Rich, warm and very sultry!    blended with tropical flowers & fresh citrus notes.   5ml size with a roll-on applicator.     CLEARANCE SALE    AT LEAST 50% OFF    ENDS 29/3/2018 - LIMITED STOCK!     ..
    $25.00 $55.00
  • CACAO Trial Size
    1ml Cacao Parfum Extrait trial size with roll-on applicator,   the best way to try our botanical fragrances is to apply directly onto your skin   we recommend our trial size fragrances for this purpose.   Trial size bottles have a roll on applicator and contain 1ml for multi-applications,   they enable the fragrance to meld with your own body chemistry. ..
    $9.00 $18.00