CEDAR Parfum Extrait

CEDAR Parfum Extrait



Wonderfully mellow, woody,

grounding, green, mossy - 

reminiscent of a walk through the forest,

with fresh, uplifting citrus and grasses. 

We love this scent!

Available in a choice of boxes 

 as we know how popular 

this scent is with both sexes.


Cedar / Verte Ingredients

Capric caprylic triglyceride ( fractionated coconut oil), parfum, limonene*, linalool*,

farnesol*, citral*, geraniol*, geranial*, neral*, citronellal*.


# All naturally occurring within the pure plant extracts used.

We use only pure, synthetic-free botanical extracts 
Because nature is the best perfumer.
Proudly Made in New Zealand!



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  •  CEDAR Parfum Extrait
    CEDAR Parfum Extrait is highly concentrated and absolutely luxurious!    Key Notes: - Woody, green, mossy, with fresh, uplifting citrus and grasses.    Proudly made in New Zealand with synthetic-free pure botanical extracts -   Because nature is the best perfumer!     15ml with roll-on applicator, apply directly to your pulse points.     CLEARANC..
    $55.00 $145.00
  • CEDAR MAN  - Cedar Parfum Extrait
    A delightfully woody walk through the Cedar trees with fresh, uplifting citrus and deeply grounding earthy grasses.  A unisex fragrance, 15ml with roll-on applicator. CLEARANCE SALE    AT LEAST 50% OFF    ENDS 29/3/2018 - LIMITED STOCK!     ..
    $55.00 $145.00
  •  CEDAR Parfum Extrait Trial Size Natural Perfume
    1ml CEDAR parfum extrait trial size with roll-on applicator. The best way to try our botanical fragrances is to apply directly onto your skin, and we recommend our trial size fragrances for this purpose. Trial size bottles contain 1ml for multi-applications, they have a roll-on applicator, and allow the fragrance to meld with your own body chemistry. Hedonista - Proudly made in New Zealand.     ..
    $9.00 $18.00