What is Natural Perfumery?

       What is Natural Perfumery? 
        What is a Botanical Fragrance?
Hedonista Pure Botanical Fragrance is created using botanical extracts only, 
we are artisan perfumers, we create exclusively all-natural fragrance. 
Traditionally all scent was created in this way but this method is extremely rare
in modern times, the main reason for this is cost.  Synthetic substitutes are 
usually much cheaper but unfortunately they tend to smell 'thin' or 'brassy'
 in comparison to the real thing. A quote from scientist Luca Turin reveals 
the secret behind typical perfume ingredients in mainstream perfumery
 - including ‘fine fragrances’: 
“The proportion of man made to natural varies: By weight, synthetics usually make
up more than 90% of a fragrance... A typical synthetic may cost $50 per kilogram, a typical 
natural at least $500 per kilo, with many naturals reaching ten or a hundred times that”.* 
*pp.31, Perfumes The Guide, Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez, Publ. Profile Books,  London 2008.
On a perfume label 'Key notes of Sandalwood' may actually mean 'Key notes of
Polysantol' (a fragrance chemical made in a lab at a fraction of the cost of real
Sandalwood!) many other expensive botanicals such as Rose, Vanilla, &
Jasmine are also often substituted for cheaper synthetic chemicals.
Also, when reading ingredients on labelling, it can be confusing  because
some chemicals, such as Linalool, Benzyl benzoate, Farnesol, & Eugenol
are found naturally occuring within plants, but they can also be synthesized
in a lab. So if you are looking for a pure, natural product - how can you tell if
it is100% botanical ? Simple!  If a product is all natural / synthetic-free
then it will be stated on the label:
'Synthetic-Free' or 'All ingredients occurring naturally within essential oils /
plant botanical extracts'  
100% natural fragrances are very rare because they are expensive to create,
but they are also absolutely exquisite!
They have a real luxurious depth and richness
which synthetic fragrances just cannot match. Also,
pure botanical fragrance is applied directly to your body, where
the natural botanical fragrance melds with your own body chemistry.
Annoint yourself with pure, fragrant botanicals, and remember - 
Nature is the best perfumer!
Hedonista pure botanical fragrances are very proudly hand made
in our New Zealand studio.

Hedonista pure botanical fragrances are synthetic-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free.

We do not (and never will) test any of our products or ingredients on animals.

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Hedonista Perfumery Ingredients
Here at Hedonista HQ we prefer to keep our perfumery and other products
totally natural. While our perfume recipes are a secret, we can say that our
fragrances contain only the following ingredients
Pure essential oils, absolutes, natural gums & resins, and fractionated
coconut oil.
Please note - natural botanical fragrances often differ in appearance from
the synthetically derived fragrance brands commonly found in department
stores;  Botanical fragrances are often cloudier and may contain
sediment, flakes, or other particles - this is due to the pure botanical 
ingredients we use, particles often separate in the bottle as part of the
naturally occuring settlement process 


Pure Essential Oils 

Are simply the volatile oils extracted from a plant, essential oils are often
described as the ‘soul’ of the plant. Natural perfumes contain the properties of
the essential oils used, and may therefore have grounding, uplifting effects 
depending on the oils used.
An ‘absolute’ describes a different method of extraction from a plant; 
Delicate flowers are often solvent extracted using this method, to preserve
the fragrance which may perish if other methods were used.  
Natural Gums and Resins
Some plants exude fragrant gums & resins - for example myrrh, frankincense,
and labdanum.
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fractionated coconut is a moisturising, non-greasy oil, it will not stain clothing
or sheets, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.  
'Parfum' or 'Perfume'
Note: The word ‘parfum’ or ‘perfume’ is included in a list of ingredients to
describe: A fragrance compound (natural or synthetic) consisting of one or
more ingredients’*
Here at Hedonista we only use natural fragrance compounds. We use the word
‘parfum’ or ‘perfume’ as an alternative to listing every ingredient in a perfume,
to protect the privacy of the perfumers recipe. For further information please
refer to the EU Cosmetics Labelling Regulations link below:
“Perfume and aromatic compositions must be referred to only by the
word  "perfume" ('Parfum') or aroma...."
*EU Cosmetics Labelling Regulations.
Click on Link below for EU legislation website
For a full list of ingredients please click on the 'Ingredients' tab
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